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Seeder – An App to Improve Your Android Performance

Seeder an app that will lag your Android screen

Have you thought about playing that heavier game without lag?

This is the proposal of this fantastic App called Seeder. I didn't know him, but I recently installed a ROM on my Smartphone and it came installed by default, and it really makes a big difference in the graphics performance of the system, especially in games.


It works as a script so that at the time of the heaviest game your hardware will focus on what it needs to do, leaving it on standby or temporarily turning off some features of the smartphone or tablet, if you doubt the origin of the app, it was developed by the folks at XDA Developers, perhaps the biggest Android form on the internet.

Download Seeder APK

We don't usually bring paid Apps in our tips here at Diolinux, but this one turned out to be really special and so let's make an exception. The application costs around 4 reais on Google Play and can be downloaded through the link below:

You will notice that the App has a great rating and a lot of positive comments, another detail you need to have Root on the Device to work.

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