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See Linux apps running on Chrome OS

Pixelbook can already run some Linux applications, see how it works.

Chrome OS running Linux Apps

Chrome Unboxed has produced a very interesting video about the new feature Currently only available on Pixelbook. The ability to run applications that are common in the Open Source world, such as GIMP, Inkscape, and even games, is still in the testing phase, but promises a lot.

Although most of the services people use today (speaking of the public) can be accessed through a simple browser, there are still certain tasks in which running applications installed on the operating system take precedence, such as editing. of videos for example.

In the demo video in question you can see YouTuber showing Inkscape running through a container, it seems to run very well, without crashes or choking, at least when performing simple activities like the ones done:

In the demo we can see even the Open Source game "Open Arena" running but with poor performance, which is a clear indication that many 3D graphics optimizations are still needed, yet it doesn't make the demo any less impressive. .

Each user has their own preferences and way of working, but I am very pleased with the way Chrome OS works, with Android Apps compatibility, and perhaps with greater compatibility with "traditional" Linux Apps in the future, it may be my system. standard. Who knows, no?

Until then we have a lot to watch yet, so stay tuned to Diolinux to find out more and tell me what you think of this beautiful demo.

See you next time!

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