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Premiere of "The Banker" in theaters is postponed indefinitely; Servant will have season two

This week, the cinematic ambitions of the Apple TV + received a hard blow when serious accusations arose in relation to Bernard Garrett of ?The Banker? and son of one of the main characters of the film (role played by Anthony Mackie).

After canceling the press the film, which would be the closing film of the AFI Fest film festival, Apple decided to go further: in a statement sent to The verge, Ma announced that it is delaying indefinitely the movie's premiere in theaters originally, it would hit the US commercial circuit in two weeks, on December 6th.

It is unclear whether the decision influences the movie's Apple TV + debut. Originally, the release of the feature on Ma's platform was scheduled for late January, but now the information is conflicting: while the Variety states that this planning be changed, the deadline reports that there is no information if Apple changes that date as well.

The fact that Apple needs time to peel this pineapple: the harassing accusations against Garrett Jr. mingle with claims that the film that is partly based on his reports has serious historical inaccuracies, setting aside important figures and overriding facts that would be decisive for the construction of history.

At least one thing for sure: politics basically ends Apple's dream of debuting in the audiovisual world with awards season. From the first Apple TV + movies, ?The Banker? would be the only one able to launch a campaign for prizes (such as Golden Globe or the Oscar), considering the history theme, the budget and the talents involved; Now, with the postponement, the film will certainly be ineligible to the industry's major trophies.

Let's see now what comes out of this whole controversy.

Second season of Servant

As the cinematic onslaught stumbles, Apple's series follows (more or less) stern wind. Last Friday, Ma confirmed the production of a second season of Servant even before the debut of the first, which arrive platform next Thursday (28/11).

The information was initially confirmed by the executive producer / director. M. Night Shyamalan, at the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Then Apple TV's official Instagram itself gave the good news:

There is no information yet on the production or premiere of the second season of Servant, but we will certainly hear more about it soon.