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Operators claim fair competition with WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram

It is undeniable that technological advancement has brought us numerous benefits, such as access to information anywhere and in many ways. However, some telecommunications companies are starting to feel the impact of this change in their pockets through services used worldwide such as Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp. Calling for "fair competition", the union that represents the Brazilian operators released yesterday (31/08), a note claiming the need for a change in the telecommunications sector in Brazil. Check out the following details.

According to the statement issued by SindiTeleBrasil, the telecommunications industry is undergoing a drastic change in recent times, driven by over-the-top (OTT) service providers, which use operators' infrastructure without any payment or license to offer communications platforms.

According to the union, these companies offer voice, video and text services in a virtually virtual manner, with no obligation of quality, coverage, public service goals, ensuring privacy and confidentiality of communications, with reduced investments, low revenue and employability – making a clear reference to WhatsApp and similar applications like Viber and Telegram.

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Instant messaging applications would be causing unfair competition with carriers. / ANDROIDPIT

The statement reports that Brazilian operators have prepared a "debate proposal", which will be presented within two months to the authorities responsible for the telecommunications sector. The union is concerned about the type of service that these companies provide, especially regarding the confidentiality of user data and information, as well as the collection of funds and taxes that enable the progress of network infrastructure throughout the national territory. . Check out an excerpt from the following note:

"We all want to use our smartphones to talk, chat, send photos, videos, and often we don't care what lies behind all these facilities. Supporting these everyday activities is the telecommunications industry." : highly regulated with consumer obligations, quality, coverage, public service, data and information confidentiality that annually collects to the public coffers more than $ 60 billion in taxes, which employs more than 500 thousand people and invests 22% of its net operating revenue, placing Brazil among the countries that invest the most in telecommunications. "

At the end of the statement, the union said it was open to dialogue and mentioned that it was not seeking privileges for Brazilian operators. The proposal to be forwarded to the Ministry of Communications calls for broader, fairer and fairer competition, and for operators and virtual services to be subject to the same rules.

And, will we have to pay more to use WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram in Brazil?

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