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Of course start testing with 4.5G internet and promises 30% faster speed

Claro is one of the few Brazilian operators that are investing in mobile infrastructure and new internet technologies for users. After announcing the first investments for 5G in the country in partnership with Ericsson, Claro will start testing for 4.5G in the coming weeks. Check out details about LTE-Advanced in the following article.

Earlier this month, Ericsson, the world's largest maker of mobile telephony equipment, announced its plans to roll out fifth-generation mobile technology, 5G. According to the company, the tests will start in partnership with Grupo Claro, owned by Amrica Mvil, still in 2016. However, the operator Claro decided to anticipate the plans and launch the modality of 4G known as 4G-Advanced, or LTE-Advanced as known worldwide.

The first tests took place in the city of Anpolis, Gois, which was chosen by Claro due to its high demand for the use of mobile data in the Midwest region. For those unfamiliar, LTE-Advanced is capable of reaching 150 Mbps download rates and 37.5 Mbps for uploads, although in some countries, such as Russia, this speed can reach 300 Mbps. In addition to speed, this 4G mode allows switching between bands of the same frequency, resulting in a more efficient, uniform and less congested signal.

Claro is promising a speed of 30% higher than 4G, which is more than enough for users to watch videos or stream music. Now, we have to wait for practical use to know if this is not one of those absurd promises from operators.

What about, do you use 4G network often on your Android?