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KnockOn: Have double-tap function to activate screen on any Android

LG, the time of the LG G2's release, introduced a very useful feature called KnockOn. With it, the user can turn the screen on and off with just two taps on it. Currently, some devices from Sony's Xperia line and Asus's Zenfone have the active function by default, as do recent LG mids and tops. Here's how to have the KnockOn feature on your device.

For this we will use the KnockOn – Tap to wake app, available for free on the Play Store. The app has some extra features that need to be purchased internally, however, for the purposes of our subject, the free features of the errand account. In addition, the application is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher. You can download it from the button below:

KnockOn – Tap to wake or lock
Install on Google Play

How to have KnockOn function on any Android

On the app home screen, touch the button. Start the app and on the next screen touch Enable, the option is at the bottom of the display. There, knockOn is already active on your smartphone. However, you need to make some adjustments between your settings.

Tap Settings, right next to Start the app and enable some options. The first, Lock on tap, when enabled, allows the screen to be turned off by double tapping it. The developer informs that this function is compatible with any smartphone and practically does not consume battery.

Screenshot 2015 10 23 14 30 13 horz
Screen and initial and KnockOn settings – Tap to wake. / ANDROIDPIT

Already the second option, Wake on tap, allows the smartphone to be turned on with two taps on the screen. However, this option will only work on devices that have AMOLED display. This is because the app keeps the screen on, displaying only a dark background. In the case of the AMOLED panel, for example, pixels are turned off when they display this color. Already on the LCD panel, the energy expenditure would be huge if you use this feature, as this panel backlights black.

Either way, the developer warns that the feature Wake on tap increases the energy consumption of the device and consequently decreases the battery life. So we recommend leaving this function enabled only if you really don't like turning on your phone screen by the power button for any reason.

Screenshot 2015 10 23 15 31 44 horz
Wake on tap functional on AMOLED panels only. / ANDROIDPIT

We tested KnockOn – Tap to wake on two devices: Moto X 2014 and Quantum GO (both with AMOLED displays). In both handsets the application has fulfilled what it promised without problems. With the exception of the untouchable two-touch screen turn-on function for LCD panels, we think it is a good idea to add double-touch screen turn-off functionality, as this gives you more convenience without having many side effects.

In the free version the app also has the option to display a notification that it is active. If you want more features, you can buy it for $ 4.22 and get the Pro version. So you can also set the speed between the two ringtones and even a mode called Sleep timewhere the smartphone is put into a power save mode.

Do you find the KnockOn function useful?

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