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Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite: Which One to Choose?

Everyone who enjoys reading knows that it is easy to do so on their mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. However, a technology to facilitate the act came about at the end of the last decade, in 2007, known as ereaders, or digital readers, devices made specifically for the user to read digitally without tiring eyesight.

Since this technology has been around for a long time, many people may have heard of it and have an interest in purchasing such a device. For that, let's compare Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite, the two most affordable versions of those produced by Amazon. If you love the American company, it is also worth meeting your smart virtual assistants in this article.

1. Design

Both are very similar in appearance, and it is quite difficult to tell them apart without knowing what to look for. Their bodies are plastic, have a 6-inch screen, and even look extremely similar in weight and size, no matter how expensive the Kindle PaperWhite is.

Kindle vs. Kindle Paperwhite can be distinguished, but for that you need to pay attention to one major detail: the most basic product has its screen wrapped in plastic edges, while the other has its entire front under a layer of glass, giving it a more sophisticated air.

In addition, the regular Kindle comes with two color options, black or white, against the single option of the other version, black, which is quite odd.

A very important difference to note, however unnoticeable, is that the waterproof paperwhite, enduring to be submerged in fresh water for a period of one hour and two meters deep, thanks to its IPX8 certificate, something that before It was on the more expensive version, the Kindle Oasis. (Although I don't know what anyone would do with a Kindle underwater, but let's continue?)

Kindle Design vs Kindle Paperwhite

2. Screen

This is a very interesting area to compare Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite, as it is quite difficult for a screen for these devices not to work. In both it was made with the successful intention of being anti-glare, allowing reading in direct light without problems.

Both also have a technology that makes reading them essentially the same as reading physical books, greatly reducing the fatigue in the sight that common screens cause.

Now, speaking of the differences; The most basic version of them has a pixel density of just 167 per inch, which is enough for text reading, but that causes problems when it comes to comics.

Paperwhite has an almost doubled density to 300 pixels per inch, resulting in much more sharpness. Unfortunately, neither screen can reproduce colors, limiting the user to black and white (and grayscale). Both have illumination on their screens, however in the more expensive version the illumination is better.

Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite screen

3. Technical Specifications

In this area, Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite are very similar, having the same processing speed. However, there are two things that set them apart; The first of these is that Paperwhite offers much more storage capacity, with 8 or 32 GB, than the basic version, which has only 4 GB.

However, although the differences seem large, in practice 4 GB is more than enough for almost any user, as digital books are very small in size, and Amazon allows you to upload them while you are not. reading them.

Kindle Storage vs Kindle Paperwhite

Now, if you are the type of person who prefers audiobooks, that is, books to listen to, you will probably need the largest storage capacities offered, as this type of file tends to be quite large.

The other big difference between them is that the basic Kindle only offers WiFi, while the Paperwhite version comes with free 3G or 4G besides WiFi. This shouldn't be a problem either, as you can use your smartphone as a router and connect the other. device to it.

4. Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite: Preos

You can find both devices for sale at the official Amazon store. The latest generation Kindle is at a relatively low price, costing only R $ 349.00; If you want to buy it, follow the link.

Now, the water resistant version, within several other enhancements, has its most basic version for $ 499.00, with 8GB of storage. If you want to have access to 32GB, you need an investment of $ 649.00. If you want to see more, see the link.


Both Amazon ereader devices are quite good, but at different price ranges, with the Paperwhite version costing almost twice the price of the normal Kindle, with its 32 GB storage version.

In the end, it will depend a lot on what you want your device to be capable of. If water resistance, better lighting, a more premium look, more storage and a sharper screen are important, consider the more expensive version. If you just want to be able to read easily, go with the most basic of the two who have a good experience.

And what do you think about our comparison between Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite?

We hope you enjoyed our article, where we compared the two of the most popular digital reading devices. Leave your comments in your comments or if you'd rather read in the good old physical books rather than this digital format.