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Kindle vs Kindle Oasis: Which One to Choose?

The habit of reading is something that has been increasingly abandoned by people these days, partly due to the habit of carrying small devices with them all the time, capable of almost anything. An area where smartphones are not very good, however, in offering the ability to read comfortably, as they are very tiring to the eye.

To circumvent this, ereaders have been created more than a decade ago to simulate paper reading in a digital format. If you're interested in purchasing one, keep reading our Kindle vs Kindle Oasis article, two of the Amazon device versions for this purpose, and also see our comparison between Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite.

1. Design

The first area of ??the Kindle vs. Kindle Oasis comparison is their external appearance and what choices were made in their construction. As expected, given its respective price ranges, the Oasis is much more beautiful, with a more premium air when compared to the normal Kindle.


The Oasis has a full glass front, making it smooth, representing a good portion of its superior design. In addition, it has a metallic body and a relief on the back that makes it easy for the user to hold the device, both of which denote its superior quality.

On its front, right next to the screen, it has two physical buttons so you can easily change pages in your books or when your screen is wet, as touchscreen tends to fail in that situation.

Its body, for the most part, is thinner than the cheaper option, but due to the materials used (and the size of the battery), it turns out to be slightly heavier than the regular Kindle. It also offers water resistance, allowing immersion in fresh water for up to one hour at a depth of two meters.

That is, if you want to read a book under water in the river of your city, with Kindle Oasis you can.

Water resistance Kindle vs Kindle Oasis

Now, speaking of the basic version of Kindle: it has an all-plastic body, and unfortunately its front has neither the physical buttons nor the glass layer that makes the other option so smooth and attractive. It is characterized by a screen surrounded by plastic edges, with a much cheaper appearance.

In addition, it is somewhat lighter than the competitor, because of precisely its plastic body and the lack of front glass. That is: the most basic Kindle loses in design but gains in lightness.

2. Screen

In this section of the comparison between Kindle vs Kindle Oasis, there is only one of them that is really good, unfortunately, even after 12 years of existence of the line, not even the most luxurious version has a color screen, which is certainly a problem, mainly for reading comics.

However, even if the screen is still black and white (with grayscale, of course), Oasis is definitely superior to the basic version. Not only is it larger at 7 inches, it also has a better resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

Kindle vs Kindle Oasis Screen

In addition, it also has a technology to avoid tiring the native view, allowing the user to easily control the color temperature of the screen by only touching one setting. It also offers an infinitely superior illumination of the other, with 25 LEDs and adaptive light sensor.

Already the normal Kindle has a 6 inch screen, which is more than enough for the user to read smoothly, with a much lower resolution of only 167 pixels per inch. It is sufficient for reading texts, but if you have images the experience will be much worse.

In the lighting sector, it offers neither adaptive lighting nor light temperature control, but has lighting with only 4 LEDs.

3. Technical Specifications

As in the other comparison, in Kindle vs Kindle Oasis There are no major differences in their processing speeds, being basically the same speed for opening books or changing pages on them.

Specs Kindle vs Kindle Oasis

There are two differences that are worth commenting on in this area. The first of them is their storage capacity. The more affordable version of the two offers only 4 GB, without the possibility of expansion or paying more for more.

This capacity is generally sufficient as digital books take up very little space, resulting in the ability to store thousands of them. However, if you prefer audiobooks, that is, listen to your books, this space may not be enough, since in this format they occupy much more.

Kindle Oasis offers two storage options, 8 GB or 32 GB, both for a much higher price than the most basic version, but it may be very worthwhile for you.

4. Kindle vs Kindle Oasis: Prices

The less expensive version of the two, the regular Kindle, costs a very friendly price of just $ 349, but offers much less capabilities than the more expensive and premium option. If you want to buy it, just go to the Amazon store.

Already the Kindle Oasis offered from $ 1,149.00 for the version with 8 GB, a considerably high price, but not absurd, considering all he can. You can also find it for $ 1,299 if you want it with 32 GB. If you want to see more about it, follow the link.

And what do you think about our comparison between Kindle vs Kindle Oasis?

Let us know what you think about our article and these two amazing gadgets. Tell them if you already knew them or if you were interested in purchasing any of them or if you prefer the intermediate version, Paperwhite.

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