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ISO proposes global standards for drone flight operations

The international standards organization known as ISO has published a proposal for standardization and regulation for drones, more specifically unmanned aircraft. According to the group, the goal is to keep manned aircraft and the public safe, as well as improve pilots' accountability for what they do with their drones.


Maneuver can be considered high risk because of wind, waves and reduced passage space.

This new standard went into vote and stay under review until January 21, 2019. In order to be approved seven steps since the proposal's announcement, it is currently in the fourth stage and must pass an evaluation committee.

According to Drone Life, this regulation doesn't mean much, as the ISO standard seems to come to regulate things that are already being legislated in countries. One example is the ban on overflights at airports and restricted areas.


Images were taken in 4k with a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum flying over Hollywood Beach, Flrida.

Even so, the site also says that there are some interesting proposals, such as training pilots, establishing maintenance standards and the requirement to fly with updated software.

The set of standards will be examined in public consultation and even if the ISO is not approved, it is expected that legislation and other regulatory forms will emerge over time, the popularization of drones is still quite recent.

Via: Drone Life Source: ISO