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iPads Pro received ANATEL approval and can now be sold in Brazil

The new ones iPads gives Apple can be sold normally in Brazil. THE ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency), the agency responsible for the approval of new products sold in the Brazilian territory, has already certified all the components that are present in the iPad Pro. Both the charger, with USB-C input, as well as the Apple pencil are already regulated.


New tablets are first with Face ID and come with Liquid Retina screen from iPhone XR

Only after the homologation of foreign products can they be marketed in Brazil. The Xr, Xs and Xs Max iPhones received first, now it was the turn of the iPads Pro.

Each box component receives a different certification. The last device to be approved was the 11-inch iPad.

The 11 inch iPad Pro is being announced by the official website of Apple Brazil from R $ 6799, the 12-inch model the initial value of R $ 6799. The maximum value of the device corresponds to the version with 1TB and 12 ", which reaches R $ 15599.

The devices have not yet started to be sold, not even by the site. Now with the approval ready, and the holidays coming up, sales should start soon.

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