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Insurgency: Sandstorm will have a version for Linux

The game's producer Insurgency, New world interactive, announced another title for the franchise, the Insurgency: Sandstormwhich is a game sequence Insurgency 2014, which brings graphic improvements to the game.

To bring graphic improvements to the game, the developer used Unreal Engine 4, coupled with the 'Insurgency: Modern Infrantry Combat' award-winning tactic mode, Making the game intense, immersive and hardcore.

Some news that the team of New world interactive go present in the game only:

Customization of characters and weapons;

Unprecedented audio design with positional voice chat providing very realistic teamwork and live ambient audio that will take you to the battlefield;

Combat through expansive maps in up to 16-player 16-player gameplay, or 8-player AI co-op, now with machine-gun equipped vehicles;

Competitive multiplayer features including matchmaking, streaming interface and replays.

The Linux version of Insurgency: Sandstorm will come after the first updates of the game, as the developers, Alex and Jon, reported in a topic on Reddit, where they made room for public questions about the game.

We hope to have a Linux client sometime within our first content updates. We have included Linux support for Insurgency + Day of Infamy and want to continue to support this community. We will keep you updated as we approach the release. – Alex

We have no announcement as to when exactly Linux or Mac support is coming, but we are committed to including it after the release. We are focused first on getting the Windows version to work, and we also need to allocate resources for the console. – Jon

We don't have any specific ads yet, but we will work on Xbox One, PS4, Mac and Linux, all releases. Unfortunately, we can't say which one comes first at this point, as we are still evaluating post-launch plans and figuring out a schedule for each platform. – Jon

The game is already in pre-order on Steam and the release will be on September 18, 2018. Game specifications have not yet been announced.

Here you can check a gameplay of the game:

But tell us in the comments if you would buy and play the game. =]

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