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iFixit and Motorola launch toolkit to repair your smartphone yourself

Anyone who has had at least one smartphone that needs repairing knows the size of the hassle they have to look for after-sales service. Thinking about making life easier for its consumers, Motorola is partnering with iFixit, a technical group specializing in smartphone maintenance, is well known for opening devices and commenting on component specifications.

The two companies will launch a repair kit that will allow you to change your broken phone screen or an obsolete battery without having to go to a service center.

This is an answer that has to do with the hashtag #righttorepairwhich means repair right. This tag represents the idea that companies need to allow clear ways for people to fix their own devices.

A phrase posted on the iFixit Twitter profile sums up the thought, it says: You don't buy a new car when its battery burns out or when the tires go bald – so why would you spend money on a new smartphone when the screen breaks?

The campaign gained even more strength when the European Environment Office organized an online petition explaining that there is a culture of disposable technology products and that this is unfavorable to the planet and only favorable to business. The agency even posted a video on Facebook and its YouTube channel to explain the campaign.

If you want to know the initiative, you can check out the links to sources just below this news. IFixit also wrote an article listing 10 reasons to support the #righttorepair campaign that you can check out on their website.

Source: European Environmental Bureau, Right to Repair, iFixit. [TagsToTranslate] ifixit