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If this endurance test is true, Moto X Force is all you wanted to have!

Motorola Mobility has released a video on its YouTube channel that, if true, proves that Moto X Force, Brazilian variant of DROID Turbo 2, the toughest screen smartphone on the market. Check out all the details of this test below.

The first thing to be said is that this is a test signed by Motorola, so we have a pretty big marketing and advertising load on it. Now, if we consider that this test is scientifically based, Motorola's Moto ShatterShield technology is indeed coming to change the course of the mobile market.

First of all, watch the video and see how the screen of the LG G4, HTC One M9, Galaxy S6, iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge deal with the impact of a 1.5 meter drop on concrete covered by A sandpaper. Finally, see what happens when the manufacturer puts Moto X Force the same race:


Apparently, the worst device that dealt with the crash was the LG G4 which, in addition to shattering the display, had the back cover snapped off when impacted with the surface:

lg g4 crash test moto x force
LG G4 screen after the crash. / Motorola Mobility

After him, the iPhone 6S screen that proved to be less resilient fall promoted in the test:

iphone 6s crash test moto x force
IPhone 6S screen after the crash. / Motorola Mobility

The display of the HTC One M9 also broke from top to bottom and, even with the sleek roll of the fall, didn't prove to be the smartphone we wanted to have in our pocket if it wasn't a simulation:

htc one m9 crash test moto x force
HTC One M9 screen after the crash. / Motorola Mobility

From the Galaxy line, the Galaxy S6 was the device that showed the most fall sensitivity, completely shattering the screen. I wonder what would happen if he had fallen with the back facing the concrete?

galaxy s6 crash test moto x force
Galaxy S6 screen after the crash. / Motorola Mobility

To my surprise, however, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge proved to be tough in the fall compared to the test devices other than Moto X Force, of course:

Galaxy Note 5 Moto X Force crash test
Note 5 screen after the crash. / Motorola Mobility
Galaxy S6 Edge Test Drop Moto X Force
Galaxy S6 Edge screen after the crash. / Motorola Mobility

In this test, what I missed was a Sony Xperia line rep, as my Xperia Z2 has already hit the concrete several times and the screen still doesn't have a scratch, the back looks like the Galaxy S6 screen on the back. video above.

Finally, this one more test that proves the resistance of the screen of Moto X Force and again the result was positive.

And what did you think of this test? Can Motorola's Moto ShatterShield really be considered unique?

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