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How to set up your sound card on Linux easily

With a few simple tips you will no longer have trouble getting the sound out of the desired device, whether it's speakers, headsets or HDMI outputs.

Many new users coming to the Linux are unsure how to configure the sound on Notebooks and Desktops, because when they plug in some Headset or headphones and yet the "blessed" sound insists on going out the speakers or anywhere else. And today in this article we are going to show you how to set up your sound card on Linux easily and some "cat jumps" so as not to squeeze any more. Bor l?

How to configure sound card in Linux

The configuration we will show below is relatively simple and easy to do, but many new users on Linux are still confused or have not had the opportunity to exploit the background system.

We're using Linux Mint as the basis of the tutorial, but you just have to find the sound path in your distro, the rest identical.

First, we click on the "Menu"then on"System Configuration"and finally on"Sound"

You can also get to this setup screen via the sound icon by clicking it and then clicking sound settings.

On this screen you have two important tabs, the "Sada" and the "Input"where on the tab "Sada"You'll have devices like speakers, headphones, or any other device that gives you an output (now it makes perfect sense, doesn't it?), and on the tab."Input"You will have all devices that will provide you with an input, such as microphones.

Some tricks and tips on how to see if your sound card is set up

Now the "cat leaps" we mentioned at the beginning of the text.

Many people who are using some Linux distro for the first time may be surprised that when connecting their Headset or headset they do not receive the sound.

This is because on Linux it will "drop" the sound on the output you have chosen and not "guess" as it does on Windows for example.

This is easily circumvented on the tab "Exit ", where you can configure which device the sound should output to, such as the output HDMI that you call on TV, your Headset, Headset and so on.

Channel video showing how to do

In our channel we made a video showing how to make these settings and some more tips you can check below:

With this you should have no more difficulty setting up your sound in Linux distros. Ratifying, here we did the tutorial with Linux Mint and Ubuntu (represented in the video above), however, these same techniques are valid for other distributions and other interfaces, except for their minor differences.

You can leave in the comments your experiences with sound cards and Linux.

See you next time!


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