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How to make your phone faster using Android Cleaner

Is your phone crashing? Do apps take longer to open? This is often because people often use their cell phone all the time and forget that some apps need to be cleaned. All this can be solved simply. You can optimize your smartphone using some mechanisms already available on your phone or download an Android Cleaner, which is an application to make your device work faster.

Optimizing the appliance withAndroid cleaner

Android cleaners apps search for excessive or useless files on your smartphone. The program cleans cache, memory, interrupts background applications, erases some SMS messages, call logs and history. All of this makes your Android system work better and, as a result, your phone becomes faster.

a way to delimit your phone faster. There are several available on Google Play. The tip is to look at each other's ratings to find out which one might be best for your phone. Some apps work very well, others not so much. Here are some that you can download:

Files go

Photo: Play Store / Playback

This Google application can identify exactly which files can be deleted without harming the use of the smartphone. It lists your photos, videos and audio to make it easy for you to upload these files to the cloud.

Norton Clean

Photo: Play Store / Playback

Some apps are full of advertisements, but this one is not. The user has the possibility to use an application that cleans the cach of the phone, deletes useless files, free and still does not leave your screen full of advertisements.

Clean the phone manually

If you don't want to download apps to optimize your phone, you can do it manually. First, always close background applications that you are no longer using. Here are some tips you can follow to make your phone faster:

1-Put your photos in Google Photos to clear the memory.

Photo: Android / Playback

It's also great to put audio and video in the cloud, delete text messages, and delete apps you no longer use.

2- Delete movies or application music

If you often download movies or shows to watch on Netflix, for example, it is very good to delete what you have already watched and no longer need.

3- Clear application cache

Photo: Android / Playback

simple v settings> apps> click app> storage> clear cache. This will optimize the operation of the Android system and your phone will get faster.

4 – Reset Android

Each phone has a specific reset step by step. But, do it as a last option, when you can no longer use your smartphone. Turning it off by pressing the power button and then holding down the volume keys, however, this procedure changes from model to model.

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