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How to install LG WebOS SDK

Learn how to install the Web OS SDK and program for a very promising mobile system

New platforms, new developers …

Web OS LG has just acquired the rights, patents and codes related to webOS and has announced that it will use it for its SmartTVs. Doubts about the future of the OPEN version are not lacking, one of them being related to continuing support and support. Although the highlight and curiosity at the beginning of 2013 is for the upcoming releases of Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch, one cannot ignore what the future holds for open webOS. One way to encourage the new owner not to set aside the community version by creating APPs for the platform. Free Software Mobile portal has published a guide on how to install the SDK at:

WebOS SDK Installation Guide

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What if I want to program for Android?

If you prefer to program for a well-known and well-accepted system, maybe Google's Android is still your best choice and you can do it using Ubuntu yourself, to learn how to install Android SDK on Ubuntu click here. Want to stay on top of everything that happens here? So enjoy our page on FACEBOOK, follow the blog at TWITTER – Also follow our writers Founder of blog and channel Diolinux, passionate about technology and games.