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How to control your mobile phone spend and prevent your carrier from being billed

Proteste is a consumer rights association, like PROCON, but its main focus is on the relationship between customers and telephone service providers. The association recently launched an application that monitors the user's consumption of mobile data, messages and calls. In addition, Proteste promises that, in cases of abusive charges, the app will assist the user to appeal and request reimbursement of improper value from their carrier. We tested the PlanoMelhor app and you can see our impressions in the following article.

Recently, Proteste gained national repercussion due to the injunction issued by the association against the internet cut after the franchise limit is reached, valid for the city of So Paulo. With respect to the proposal of its new application, PlanoMelhor, the agency justifies that the tool will help consumers and avoid the abuse charged by mobile operators in some cases. On its website, Protest reports that it has already resolved cases with returns of up to $ 500.

In addition, Proteste decided to develop the application in partnership with WalletSaver Srl, based on the high number of complaints against telephone operators. In August this year, out of every 10 complaints filed by the association, 5 are against telephone service providers.

How to control your mobile account with PlanoBest

PlanoMelhor is a very simple application to use and its initial registration consists of an email, phone number, name and personal password. From this data the application itself performs the analysis of the plan and the active services on the device. It is possible to control the calls made, sent SMSs and mobile data control. What caught my attention was the breakdown of call consumption, which shows the total number of calls made and received, average time per call, the eight most called numbers and their respective operators.

With regard to data control, the report is basic, but enough for the user to be able to manage the consumption of their package, either prepaid or postpaid. The mobile internet report reports the total data consumed in the last 30 days, divided by the type of signal technology used, such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

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Best Protest Plan app. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The "monitoring" option can be very useful for many users, as this function analyzes the amount of data consumed daily and indicates plans that have a more interesting cost / benefit ratio for the user. The indicated plans are detailed by the application, including internet package, data franchise, values ??and coverage in your city. </p>
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Proteste offers a link for direct contact with the association's call center (0800 701 2838). Unfortunately, there is no online chat option for the user to resolve their abusive charge divergences within the app itself. Other than that, the application is very complete and can be downloaded from the Play Store through the button below:

Best Plan: Check and Compare
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Download PlanoBest on your Android and leave your comments below.

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