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How to clean a Smartphone or Tablet screen the right way

Learn a simple way to always keep your device screen clean

Those who often use devices with touchscreens face this problem with a certain frequency. They are the fingerprints on the screen, often a layer of fat that comes from the greasiness of the skin and even worse, dirt from food fat, coolants … in the end, use your imagination. xD

For a while I searched for a way to clean my smartphone screen without damaging anything, and well, I found a very cheap and effective way, tested and approved by me.

dirty smartphone

What you need:

A soft cloth

Cloth to clean smartphones

Cloths that do not loosen hair are the most suitable, otherwise you will remove the fat from the screen but will fill it with hair. Cloths, or flannel, of this type are found at affordable prices in the super markets, somewhere around 3 reais.

Some water

glass of water

A glass of water is enough for you to dampen the cloth. It is not necessary to fill the glass, about 100 ml should be enough.


unbranded detergent

The detergent should preferably be the one that has the best reaction with the fat, I will not follow brands (but if anyone wants to sponsor the article I change the photo hehehe), but a good detergent you can get for less than 2 reais.

How to make

Take the cup of water with approximately 100 ml, just drip two drops of detergent and stir the cup so that the detergent mixes with the water.

Take the cloth and dampen one end of the cloth and wipe it on the screens of your smartphone or tablet, be careful not to wet the cloth too much so that water does not leak into the inside of the device, then use the dry side of the cloth to dry. until then.

cloth to clean screen

This type of procedure can be performed on almost any type of monitor or screen, there are also specific products for this type of cleaning, but they are more expensive.

With the method we show with only 5 reais you will be able to let your device shine again.

See you next tip.

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