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Hangouts Brings New Experience to Google Communication Services

Hangouts is now a unified product. This morning, the first thing I did was update the Hangouts, which works like Talk, but syncs with any platform you use, like Chrome, Android, iOS, and Gmail. The idea of ??the Google product team is to replace Talk and integrate all communication services into Hangouts in the very near future. Check out the major enhancements added to Hangouts.

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Hangouts running round on my Nexus 7. / Toni Jularic - AndroidPIT
<p>I confess that for some time I was not so excited about some service or application for Android, with so many rumors about smartphones and its functions it seems that the essence of Google's operating system ends up being put aside. But after I / O, things are changing and for the better! This morning, when I updated Hangouts, an idea didn't go out of my head: we're heading for a communication service that uses video more than text. In terms of desktops, we have had this for a long time with Skype, but for mobile devices, the service proved to be heavy and insufficient.</p><div class=

Facebook Messenger also offers the ability to make video calls and, let's face it, has an enviable contact book, but the feedback I got from a quick poll here on AndroidPIT that the vast majority has never used this option. However, not to put all the flour in one bag, Hangouts has been working for Google for some time and has been bringing results, just see the plethora of videos available on YouTube where you have access to "themed" hangouts.

Hangouts updated
Affordable video chat button, 850 emoji and ability to attach images, this is the new Google Hangouts! / AndroidPIT

But before concluding my point of view, here are the improvements brought about by the Hangouts update:

  • Smartly, hangouts know which people you talk to most via chat and put them in easily accessible boxes in the sidebar.
  • When you start a conversation, you can scroll down to the beginning of the conversation and even see an album with all the photos you've shared in all your Google+ chats.
  • A button at the top of the chat allows you to quickly and easily start a video hangout with the person or group you are chatting on, using your computer, Android or iOS devices.
  • You can attach photos and choose from 850 different emoji.
  • The user checks in real time which friends are online and saw the message, so Hangouts does not support invisible mode.
  • One of the smartest enhancements to Google Hangouts is that when you're chatting on your computer or any device, notifications are automatically deleted from your notification bar, eliminating unnecessary advisories.
  • The new Hangouts does not offer the option of sending audio recordings, location, or tags, but experience with the app proved quick and effective, especially with regard to video calls.

Of course, we are still far from seeing a revolution in mobile communication through instant messaging applications like Hangouts, especially in terms of video calling, as one of the biggest limitations is still 3G / 4G support for such interactions. But via Wi-Fi, my experience with Hangouts using video was more than satisfactory.

And, guys, how often do you use this type of application / service? Do you find yourself in the middle of the street hanging out via video? Let us know your experience with Hangouts in the comments below or on the AndroidPIT forum.

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