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Taking notes and writing reminders is an important part of the daily routine of many people who use smartphones. In general, people who are already well equipped with synchronization instruments, but are looking for a good note editor. Handrite Notes Notepad Pro is an app that can be used to make notes as fast and accurate as possible. To learn more about him, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

Device: ASUS Nexus 7Android Version: 4.2.2Root: Yes Mods: Custom Rom

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro consists of an empty home screen that serves to contain all user notes. New notes are created via a menu icon at the top of the screen or alternatively using the widget on the phone's main screen.

The new note can be customized in many ways. Let's see:

Through an icon at the top, you can access other icons which in turn lead the user to settings or importing PDF files directly inside the note. Below you can tag the note so that it can then be filtered correctly and included in a particular view category. Also date of creation and change can be customized.

The most central space reserved for the text itself is subdivided into squares such as those of school notebooks. The text is entered by handwriting directly on the screen. At the bottom of the screen, other icons allow you to modify your handwriting and use a keyboard, change the color of text, insert sketches or photos, the latter being something that happens in collaboration with another free app.

A very interesting function in our view is to be able to add space to previously written text, even if the app has as its main function the fast creation of texts, that is, no super elaborate texts.

Going back to the main screen, the note is automatically saved and you can browse through the directories to quickly access all notes saved in memory. The app even offers some widgets to display notes directly on the phone's home screen.

Not to mention that self-correction is also one of the features present, a factor that really speeds up the creation of texts. One aspect that we would love to see in the app is the possibility to change the size of the squares.


Handrite Notes Notepad Pro is an app that does just what it promises to do, allowing you to write notes as quickly as possible. Notes can be easily managed and viewed and their look very informal. The app lacks a sync system to access notes from a second device. It would not be all bad if the app had a note integration feature with Dropbox services to address this shortcoming. In terms of operation, the app is really very good. We have to admit, however, that our tests were done with high-end devices, which makes it easier for the app to react to any written text.

Screen & Controls

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro is entirely designed under the Holo graphic standard. Its very clear and well-organized design and controls include a few tips that come up from time to time on the note-writing screen. Such tips can be disabled in the app settings.

Speed ??& Stability

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro worked all the time very well and without any major problems. Most important of all is that writing on the screen resulted in fast input and fully visible output.

Price / Performance Ratio

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro can be purchased for 3.17 or $ 8.19 here in our App Center. During the week of April 8th through April 14th, 2013, this reduced to 1.49 or R $ 3.84, since it is our App of the Week. There is a free version with limitations in its functions, but it may be a good time to test the qualities of the app to decide on the Pro version.