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great tips for shooting with Moto E 2015

The new Moto E brought with it improvements implemented in its camera compared to the previous model. Even with a modest 5 megapixel camera, the new model's camera captures images with good color fidelity, and in well-lit environments can preserve details well. Here are some tips that can help you get good results with Moto E 2015, and maybe get interested in the world of pocket photography.

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You'll almost be a photography pro with Moto E 2015./ ANDROIDPIT
<h2>Basic Care</h2>
<p>The first precaution that should be taken when handling the device is to prevent it from swinging at the moment of capture. Therefore, try to hold it firmly with both hands. To ensure the firmness and control of the device, when grasping it with both hands, bend both arms and bring them closer to the chest and hold it steady. This serves as a support, making your arm is locked to your body and all goes well. Before capturing an image, test the ambient light and see if it looks good for the device lens. If the light is reflected in a right corner, and the subject to be captured is on the left, you can use a sulfite or Styrofoam sheet to bend that illumination in the desired direction.</p><div class=

Knowing the camera of the Moto E

Just like any Motorola device, the Moto E 2015's stock camera is succinct and has basic adjustments. I will name 3 present functions and their tricks.


Always welcome, HDR compensates for light and contrast, also changing levels and intensity between colors. The best way to use the function is in situations where the subject to be photographed is against the light so that light compensation occurs. In the photo below captured in a mall, I used the HDR of Moto E 2015 because the place had no ambient lighting. The method brought light to the sides, since there were no illuminated windows. The best way to notice the effects of HDR is to test it on a sunset or window, within a dimly lit room.

IMG 20150303 154804865 HDR
The HDR compensates for light between the elements of your scenery. / ANDROIDPIT

Focus by exposure

This feature allows you to drag and set the field that receives the most exposure, and this will increase the white and light levels, so it should be used with caution. You can shed light where you don't have it and focus the selected spot simultaneously. If you are in a bright place, you do not notice much difference, in the image below I needed to use because the weather was cloudy and I could get more exposure to the flowers in the foreground.

IMG 20150228 134537335 HDR
Exposure focus helps in cloudy or dimly lit places. / ANDROIDPIT


Just click on the Moto E 2015 screen and hold it down for a few seconds, and then the software will focus for you. The spot or object that receives the focus must be at least 3 centimeters away from the device lens. In the image below I captured the floor in parallel. Respecting the distance of 3cm, noticeable how the focused field is sharper in relation to the other fields of the image.

IMG 20150303 155235618 HDR 1
Best focus obtained at least 3cm from desired location. / ANDROIDPIT

Extra Apps

THE Google camera helps very little, its differential being the grid. With it we can correct the horizon of the images, making its floor is not crooked. Moreover, the same commands are present in Moto E.

Google Camera
Install on Google Play

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the Moto E 2015 camera is the touch screen capture, often capturing something unwanted too quickly. The application Camera It has a virtual shutter button, which only captures the photo after it is selected. This makes focus easier, and the interface is very reminiscent of the one introduced with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Worth the download.

Install on Google Play

O 360 camera It's an old acquaintance, and it provides real-time filters, editing tools, and other add-ons. Most filters should be downloaded after installation, some being paid. The camera interface is user friendly and even provides ISO control.

Install on Google Play

Shake Moto E to activate the camera

Like Moto Maxx and Moto X, the new device has the option to shake even with the screen locked and activate the camera. The feature does not work only if the user has a screen lock PIN. With this function, capturing everyday details is easier.

Remember that some tips presented in this article may apply to other devices running Android Lollipop from other manufacturers.

And what did you think of the tips? Let us know about your camera camera experience!

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