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Google Play Music All Access: Google Launched New Music Service Today

With All Access, Google has launched a new music service, which goes way beyond what we already have with Google Play Music. The service will be launched today in the United States for $ 9.99. The idea that comes in sequence to other countries.

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Check out what Google Play Music All Access offers:

  • Subscription Service with access to the millions of tracks available on Google Music, which users can stream without having to buy each one. Also, offer recommendations based on what you listen to. No matter where your songs are, All Access will let you play them and still allow users to create playlists with them. That is, it transforms the software into a "radio station" that offers an experience much like that of a radio program. If you don't like an item, you can simply delete it or just change the order.
  • Personal library be merged with music from Google library to better manage, add and discover sounds.
  • Listen Now provides an overview of music by track, album or radio program, which allows instant music playback.

Google Play Music All Access works on Android tablets and smartphones, and web browsers. The service will be released today in the U.S. and, according to the press office of Google Brazil, should not reach the country because we do not have Google Music here.

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