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Google I / O 2013 – What we expect from the Big G Developer Event

Google i 2013
Google I / O takes place May 15-17 and can be tracked live across the globe. Google Developers

Below is a list of possible topics from the Google team main presentation, which will take place tomorrow, May 15, in San Francisco, USA. Remember that although we don't have the possibility of presenting a new "dessert" – like the Android Key Lime Pie – Google always has an extra letter up its sleeve, so don't think you'll be disappointed. In addition, Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Android has hinted that this week's event will be focused on developers, so we'll have a lot of news about the services offered by Google.

Apparently, we can see the credit card service, Google Wallet, having its official announcement on I / O. There has been a lot of talk about this alternative payment system in recent days, especially as we may see the service associated with PayPal. At the beginning of this month, the site Google Operating System has identified evidence that PayPal may become an optional payment method and is already included in the Google Wallet system, but apparently not yet implemented or enabled. So the chances of seeing this I / O-announced credit card are quite high.

Still based on the report of the Google Operating System, the Mountain View company is designing a new interface for Maps. Key changes would be related to search bar and filters, Google+ recommendations, and more emphasis on the map itself. It is impossible not to realize that all these improvements are directly related to the use of the service on mobile devices. Another interesting point to note is also that many of these changes may be linked to user experience with Glass, another project that should be explored extensively at I / O this year.

new google maps
Are changes in Maps directly related to the use of Glass? / Google

One of the expectations for the main presentation of Google I / O is the announcement of a Google game center located in the Play Store. One of the indications that on the first day of the conference we have five sessions devoted entirely to games for Android. Go devs! Another point to take into account Google's recent hiring: Noah Falstein. Although it is not yet clear exactly what Falstein's job is, this professional game designer can help in the development of this Android game center.

Would you like to see a game center so users and players can centralize information, save games, interact with other users or even check out their friends' scores? Apparently Google wants to create its own "Game Center" – Apple's game center.

google play games 1
At last Google may be working on a game center, Play Games! / Android Police

Google Talk, SMS, Google Hangout, Google Voice … The list of Google's various news services is very long, but fortunately the company is already working on Google Babel, a communication service that unifies all news feeds and notifications. Much information about "Babel" has already leaked on the network, but tomorrow we can see how the feature will work in practice.

This kind of multiplatform communication can still be called "Hangout" as opposed to "Babel" and we can welcome the service from tomorrow, how about?

Apparently, Google is developing a way to offer Google Now on its homepage. The code on a company test page made clear the search giant's intent on the possible desktop service. Thus, Google Now may be available in addition to Android, iOS and Chrome systems, meaning it is a feature accessible to all internet users. And here, I again hit the key that many of Google's services are moving from mobile to desktop and, above all, the improvements seem to be a consequence of the team's experience with Google Glass.

Since the launch of Jelly Bean, all users have been wondering when we will see Android 5.0, some of them seem to be disbelieving that Google really brings Key Lime Pie in 2013. JB came as Android 4.1 and we are walking between 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.2.2 … for some time now and it seems that we will continue with these minor updates as Google will not bring light to version 5.0 on this year's Google I / O.

The fact that most phones are not running on Android 4.2 yet, which led the Android team to set the brake to give manufacturers more time to upgrade their devices and further avoid the problem with fragmentation. from the OS. Alis, Sundar Pichai himself, the new boss of Android, said Wired This is a time when new products are being launched and a new version of the operating system would not fit.

On the other hand, Google also said nothing about launching an Android Jelly Bean update to version 4.3 on I / O, this issue was raised by Android Police based on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 server registry running the updated OS. THE Redditor also claimed to find evidence on update 4.3.

Don't wait for a new Nexus device, as it looks like we will have a new 32GB version of LG Nexus 4, with 4G support and running on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version. This may leave some users who would like to see a Motorola-signed Nexus a bit frustrated, but after a few fiascos in the Nexus 4 distribution, maybe Big G now has time to put a larger number of Nexus 4 on the market, since that demand for it does not seem to end.

Would you be frustrated with the presentation of a variant of Nexus 4 to the detriment of the brand new Nexus 5?

In recent times we have seen a great movement around the Motorola X Phone, considered Googlerola's first flagship for 2013 and therefore expectations are running high. However, it seems that we will not have even honorable mention of the device on Google I / O. A short while ago, the site Rbmen released the benchmark of a device identified as Google X (possible X Phone) and one of the features of this smartphone would be running Android version 5.0.1, ie if the chances of seeing the Key Lime Pie on I / O in 2013 So remote, the chances of seeing the X Phone are right next door.

The prediction that we will see the Motorola X Phone or Google X launched later this year, next November, coinciding with Google's ability to release a new version of its operating system.

The next generation of Nexus 7 will also come in partnership with Asus and can exchange Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor for Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro. In addition, the display will have a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200p (WUXGA) and use LTPS technology, we will have a 5MP rear camera and HD front camera, 4000mAh battery with support for charging Qi Wireless and, assuming Google will wait for To put a new version of your OS on the market, this may be the device used to identify what we will have in the new Jelly Bean 4.3 version.

Assuming we will see this device tomorrow, we can see several improvements over the current generation of Nexus 7: rear camera, higher screen resolution, even Nexus 4 processor and wireless charging. Best of all, the price of this new tablet is only $ 199.

With the launch of the new generation of the Nexus tablet, we expect a drop in prices for the current Nexus 7. But some rumors also suggest that the next Nexus 7 will hit the $ 149 market and sales of the old model will be cut. If that happens, Big G's current competitors in the tablet market, such as Kindle Fire and iPad mini, are already third, and the cheapest iPad comes out for $ 300.

Google Glass video
The Project Glass presentation may be one of the highlights of I / O again. / Project Glass

Google Glass does not leave the first pages of technology sites around the world, which is why we are getting closer to the launch of the device and, as a result, we are closer to interacting with one of the most curious gadgets of our time. As with last year's Google I / O, I'm also betting on an even more frantic presentation with the goal of showing all the possibilities of Glass.

However, due to all the research invested by Sergey Brin's team, this year we will have a more real contact with this technology, since we will know how to work, which commands, input and output, finally, it seems that the project has become palpable. finally.

In this sense, if I were you, I would pay close attention to this presentation, as I foresee a future for both mobile and desktops where many of the references used in new technologies will be based on the experience with Glass, especially in terms of intuitive use of the tools.

Google seems to have a love and hate relationship with the Nexus Q, launched at the 2012 Google I / O, but selling has been discontinued due to issues such as lack of features and software. However, the expectations are to see the orb working and no longer just a decorative piece in the Google Play store. In fact, this would be a great opportunity for Google to resurrect the device with a new look by integrating different Android devices.

Google Glass
Seeing the Nexus Q really working as a hub for integrating Android devices would be good news in I / O. / Google

As always, AndroidPIT will cover Google I / O 2013, so stay tuned here on the site! Given these 12 topics, which one do you really want to see on the 15th? Would you include any more suggestions on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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