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Google changes company logo and suggests changes to Android

Google announced on Tuesday (1/09), a new redesign in its official logo. The move is the second in less than two years, and marks a new look for the company for its platforms and services. More simply, the new Big G logo is announced after the creation of Alphabet, a holding company that will be responsible for turning all of the company's current business divisions into subsidiaries. Check out the following details.

According to Google, the move was motivated to represent a new look at the company for the number of its platforms and services, as the company started as a simple internet search engine. The new brand will also reflect visual changes in existing tools, services and platforms, such as Android itself, which should receive thicker and more colorful typography among the official Google tools embedded in the system.

Watch on the video (in English) the changes made to the company logo over the last few years. The subtitle is available in Brazilian Portuguese.

The company stated that this was not the first change to its brand and will not be the last. According to user experience director Bobby Nath, the new change reflects all the ways Google works through search, and will be incorporated into Google services such as Maps, Gmail, and Chrome.

And, can we expect big changes for Android 7.0?

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