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GameClub Brings Back Space Miner Blast, Super Crate Boz, and Glorkian Warrior Games

Last March, we commented on the developer proposal GameClub of resurrecting old iOS games that were abandoned by their original creators, redistributing them on their platform.

In May, the company released on TestFlight a handful of (old) titles for users enrolled in its testing program to enjoy, with more news coming up now.

Space Miner Blast

Considered the best iPhone game in 2010 by TouchArcadeSpace Miner Blast is a space game RPG game originally developed by Venan Entertainment (now called Megaspace Industries).

Space Miner Blast One spin off from the old game Space Miner, both abandoned by Venan Entertainment when Apple introduced the iPhone 4 and, with it, the Retina display, which caused the end of many apps, given the cost of developing them with such quality at that time. GameClub has now made both Space Miner Blast and Space Miner: Platinum titles available on TestFlight for free.

Super Crate Box

Also released in 2010, Super Crate Box is a 2D-style shooter by Vlambeer. Basically, the player must reach the weapon crates to destroy an endless stream of enemies as long as possible. Every time you open an open box, you get a new random weapon, which can be quite potent, or less so.

The game was released for Windows and macOS before being released for iOS in 2012, when it achieved the top score of the TouchArcade for its "incredibly fast and catholic" rhythm. Unfortunately, the game has been getting fewer and fewer updates over time and is eventually extinguished by now.

Like all GameClub games, Super Crate Box is available for free on TestFlight.

Glorkian Warrior

Like previous games, Glorkian Warrior is a super fun action title in which I must defeat all enemies before they reach you. With horizontal gameplay, the game also features fun illustrations by American author and cartoonist James Kochalka.

Glorkian Warrior is not yet available on Apple's TestFlight, but both he and the other titles above are available on the Discord server, also at no cost.

So it's time to enjoy the (not exactly new) games before the service is officially launched next month, when you will need to subscribe to the GameClub product to access all games.

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