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Game Bad Piggies comes to Android

AngryBirds fans

bad piggies

Rovio announced today the release of Bad Piggies, a game where Angry Birds' green pigs are the protagonists.

According to Petri Jarvilehto, head of game development at Rovio, the title brings an entirely new experience, as well as addressing a different point of view from previous games.

The Angry Birds Games are essentially you shooting birds with a slingshot and watching the birds destroy things, while pigs are the builders. So this is a game that is completely based around the concept of the solo build things, he told the Telegraph.

Bad Piggies is available for free on the Android platform in two versions: HD for high-end hardware devices and a lighter version for older or low-cost smartphones.

And soon you who loved to drop the pigs in Angry Birds will feel like being on the other side.i

Check out the Official Game Trailer


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