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DxOMark Names iPhone XR the Best Single Camera Smartphone

After analyzing the camera of the XS and XS Max iPhones, the DxOMark (ranking of the best cameras on smartphones) examined the quality of the images and videos recorded with the iPhone XR, released about a month after the current flagships from Ma.

As you can see from the title of this post, the device did very well in the tests so well that was voted the best smartphone with single camera, overturning the Google Pixel 2 from the top of the ranking. The overall average obtained by the iPhone XR was 103 points; As for image quality, the device scored 101 points (outperforming Pixel 2), and video gadgets Apple and Google were tied.

DxOMark RankingDon't ask me why Pixel 3 has not yet been rated by the guys.

Despite the good result, the company has criticized the photo quality of the iPhone XR with low light and zoom; However, improvements in flash and the Smart HDR feature helped the score obtained by the gadget, as we will see below. For his review, DxOMark Image Labs analyzed over 1,500 photos and over 2 hours of video in labs and outdoor environments using the camera's default setting.

Exposure and contrast

As judged by DxOMark, exposure of faces on the iPhone XR in scenes with excellent backlighting, proving that the face detection algorithms work very well (for those who were still in doubt). As expected, the results are very similar to those of the iPhone XS and both devices showed an improved dynamic range over the iPhone X.

In order (left to right): iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X. Click / tap to enlarge the images.


IPhone XR features strong, well-saturated colors, especially in outdoor photos. When it comes to white balance, the device tends to lean toward bluer (cooler) tones in external images, with warmer tones in internal images like other models of iPhones. In both cases, DxOMark has defined this balance as ?acceptable?.

In order (left to right): iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 2. Click / tap to enlarge the images.

Texture and noise

In this regard, all three devices captured excellent images with sharp details and sharp edges in static areas. On iPhone XR, there was a bit of noise and clearer images in the flat areas in the external image, as in the buildings. However, in some cases this is imperceptible and ?far from problematic,? according to DxOMark.

In order (left to right): iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 2. Click / tap to enlarge the images.

In the detail:

In order (left to right): iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 2. Click / tap to enlarge the images.


As we said, the flash performance on the iPhone XR was one of the points praised by the company during the benchmark. In fact, the better exposure to the person's face and center of the frame generally made the photos taken by the device better than those of the iPhone XS Max. For DxOMark, it is "obvious" that Apple tweaked the algorithms to get better results with the XR than with your bigger brother.

Still, Pixel 2 got the better of this test:

In order (left to right): iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 2. Click / tap to enlarge the images.


As we know, in this respect the iPhone XR has a disadvantage compared to the XS / XS Max, which has a dual lens system and therefore 2x optical zoom. In this regard, DxOMark pointed out that the use of the iPhone XR's short-range digital zoom is acceptable, but the results are far from being comparable to a dual-camera device that uses a telephoto lens.

In order (left to right): maximum zoom on iPhone XR, 8x zoom on iPhone XS Max, and 8x zoom on Google Pixel 2. Click / tap to enlarge the images.

In the detail:

In order (left to right): iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 2. Click / tap to enlarge the images.


The lack of the telephoto lens on the iPhone XR also implies the performance of images taken in Portrait Mode. As we reported, the rear camera of this device captures images only of people with this effect, and for this also algorithms are used to define the blur of the environment.

In addition, DxOMark has pointed out that the / 1.8 aperture lens is not ideal for portraits and, although it is possible to fill in the frame by approaching the person when shooting, some distortions and edges are evident, so that the end result can be a little Photoshopped.

"iPhone "Portrait

In order (left to right): iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max. Click / tap to enlarge the images.


As noted above, the iPhone XR achieved a similar Google Pixel 2 score for video quality. Overall, the device performs very similarly to the iPhone XS Max, with outdoor video HDR, great color rendering, white balance and low motion stabilization.

Since not all are flowers, some minor instabilities are noticeable in exposure and white balance under different lighting conditions, something that could also be noted in the Koss Headphones commercial, recorded entirely with the iPhone XS Max.

As for the autofocus of the device, as well as the static images, it is excellent when recording videos, thanks to the fast response time and the fact that it does not present any of the instabilities, such as bumps that can disrupt the viewing experience.

In bright outdoor video, both tracking and smoothness of auto focus are also excellent; And while the performance is not so robust in low light situations, it is still very good.

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Taking the obvious comparisons between the iPhone XR and the XS / XS Max, considering that Ma thought of taking a lot of features from the models. flagships for the ?more affordable? version from software, the gadget seems to be the most recommended option for DxOMark.

As compared to the Google device, it might have been interesting to see how the iPhone XR would fare compared to the Pixel 3, announced last October. Still, the comparison with Pixel 2 holds true, since the iPhone XR has some similar specs as the XS / XS Max.

The #Apple #iPhoneXR camera has been rated as the best of a single lens phone by DXOMark. #ShotOniPhone

The company's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Philip Schiller (Phil, for the latter) shared the assessment result on Twitter; therefore, Apple should be proud of the performance of the new device, including sales (or sales).

via AppleInsider