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Droid @ Screen: Record your screen and take screenshots of your Android from PC running Ubuntu, Windows or Mac OS

Access your Android from Ubuntu or any other system and take photos or videos!

The simple program to take screenshots of the Android screen by Linux you have been waiting for has arrived!

Droid @ Screen is an application made in JAVA, and therefore cross-platform, for you to access your Android Smartphone from any operating system including Linux.

Android on PC

With it you can take screenshots and record videos from your Android directly from your computer.


The application as stated above was later developed in JAVA, so we need it to run.

You can also use OpenJDK.

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

Now we need to install some dependencies, these following are already available in the official repository on Ubuntu 13.04.

sudo apt-get install-android-tools adb

Installed the dependencies time to download the program itself:

Save the file wherever you want it to be a .jar file, right click on it and mark it as executable.

Mark the file as executable

Right click on the file and select open with java.

When the program first opens you will need to enter the ADB address you previously installed, enter:

/ usr / bin / adb

If all went well you will see the screen of your Smartphone in an on-screen emulator, if not then click reload. Emulating Android

The software has good features such as screen orientation, video recording and screenshots.

See you next tip!

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