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DJI Official Store in Rio de Janeiro lana promoo with Mavic Air for RS2,999

The official store of DJI in Rio de Janeiro, is selling the drone Mavic Air at the value of R $ 2,999 view, a great price for this model. According to the store, this is a warm up for Black Friday, so it may be that they launch new promotions to the BF. For those interested, just access the Facebook Store Fanpage by clicking here.

{facebook} https://www.facebook/djistorebrasil/videos/2140843762849334/ {/ facebook}

We did his mid-year review, a good option for those who want their first high-quality drone without giving up portability. It already features interesting features like Active Track, obstacle avoidance sensors and pre-programmed flight functions. Its autonomy of 21 minutes and reaches up to 4km away.

Below is our video review:

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