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Designer wonders what the “macOS 11 Ventura” could look like

For some years now, Apple has been bringing MacOS features built into iOS and vice versa. How about, then, take it well?

Designer Kamer Kaan Avdan unleashed his creativity in a concept for the ?MacOS 11 Ventura?, bringing new cones to native apps, a redesigned Finder, drag & drop facilitated and integrated Siri, widgets for Desk, new Settings app, more consistent overall design, Face ID support (why no, no?), among others.

In fact, even with advanced sizes in recent years, Apple continues to release major new versions of OS X macOS as sub-versions ?10.? and I wonder when she decides what time to turn the key to 11. Maybe with first Macs equipped with own chips (ARM)?

Well, what did you enjoy most about this concept? ?

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