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Cydia comes to Android | AndroidPIT

Finally the platform Cydia has arrived Google Play Store. After being the place to find apps for iPhones and iPads jailbroken, Cydia is now available for Android (from 2.3 onwards and equivalent versions of CyanogenMod and Kindle Fire). To work, you need to root your device.

cydia substrate
SaurikIT, LLC

However, some may be wondering: If it is already possible to install apps from other sources, what is the benefit (or even function) of Cydia for Android phones?

The only answer is extensions, which allow you to make system modifications without the need to install new ROMs. Initially, the only extension available to WinterBoard, already famous in iOS, which allows the customization of some aspects of the device, working with themes from other platforms: ADW Launcher, GO Launcher Ex, Launcher Pro, etc.

In addition, Cydia could eventually become a hub for today's third-party apps, which would make it easier to customize phones like upgrading to new versions of Android before the official release, adjust CPU settings, set multitouch gestures, access apps from other countries and various other things.

cydia winterboard
The app / SaurikIT, LLC

Link to the app on the Google Play store.

Having a rooted Galaxy, I really like the idea of ??a switch to be able to make modifications, since I don't have the patience to research and test different ROMs and apps. At the same time, the store is unlikely to be as successful as it is on iOS, as the Android system is inherently freer than its Apple rival.

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