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Chromecast Grandfather Gains Spotify Compatibility

At an event hosted by Google in September, she announced several news. Among them is the second generation Chromecast, which has finally gained compatibility with Spotify, the famous music streaming service. This made the first generation HDMI dongle owners jealous.

Well, there are no more reasons for that. Starting this Wednesday (21st), the first generation Chromecast has gained compatibility with Spotify. Just tap the Cast button in the app to start listening to the music on your living room TV, for example.

To take advantage of this new functionality, however, you need to update the device firmware to version 1.16.44433. On this support page, you can learn more about how to upgrade your Chromecast if you're having trouble. Also be sure to update the Spotify app on your phone. Otherwise, it does not show the new Cast function.

google cast quick setting
Finally Chromecast 1 brings compatibility with Spotify. / ANDROIDPIT

The match between Chromecast and Spotify is almost perfect. The first makes any dumb TV into a smart TV. And even if you already have a smart TV, Chromecast gives it more agility. With Spotify compatibility you will be able to listen to music at higher volumes or then put in some ambient sound in case you are receiving visitors. And at the time of cleaning, nothing better than a good rock or electronic music to give that boost. And the best without headphones!

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