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Check out the KDE project video to show the new Plasma 5.12.x

Developers of the KDE project recently announced the availability of the latest LAS version of Plasma, version 5.12.x

KDE Plasma is by far one of the most robust Desktop Enviroments in existence, either because of the variety of features available, either by customizing the interface and behavior. A few days ago we had the release of Plasma 5.12 LTS and now you will check the official video with the news implemented.

KDE Plasma 5.12 - Diolinux

The new version of KDE Plasma, 5.12.x, the new LTS (Long Term Support) version of Desktop Enviroment. As always, a lot of news came up, some highlights are:

Plasma performance improvements;

Night Color function to protect your eyes;

Improvement for Global Menus;

KRunner now also works with accessibility tools such as the Orca screen reader;

Notification text can now be selected and copied;

The weather forecast applet now shows the temperature next to the weather forecast status cone on the panel;

Improved desktop Widgets resizing;

Launcher Kickoff has received design improvements.

Among many other things you can check out in the official announcement and on the video below made by the KDE community, check it out:

Interestingly Plasma 5.12 ended up being released with a really annoying and dangerous security bug. When a flash drive was opened from the notification window and the flash drive name was a command, the operating system ran it. Because of this, a few hours / days later, this same week, we had the release of Plasma 5.12.1 correcting this and other punctual bugs, ensuring more stability to the system.

Major KDE distros such as KDE Neon and Manjaro are already delivering updates to users.

Do you use KDE Plasma in your daily life? What's new that you liked the most?

See you next time!

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