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Check out how to use Instagram's dog filter, Sasha Dog

The filter of a yellow dog lying on the ground turned fever on Instagram. Called Sasha Dog, the super-realistic effect of cooking positioned in unusual places or alongside other animals has probably already appeared in her stories.

You might be wondering how do I have fun too? AppGeek helps you keep out of the moment meme.

We teach you how to find and use the dog filter on Instagram and fool your friends.

Using the Instagram Dog Filter

To use a filter that is not automatically available through Instagram, you need to steal from someone using it or look for it on Effects Gallery. But finding a specific one, like Sasha Dog, may not be so easy.

The walkthrough below, however, simplifies your life. Just have the Instagram app installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

1. From your phone, go to the Sasha Dog filter page and choose Open with Instagram;

2. Immediately, the filter is already open in its Stories. To save the effect for later use, tap the name. Sasha Dog;

Instagram dog filter Sasha Dog

3 Then go on Save to camera and tap OK to confirm;

4 To use the effect, move the smartphone to find the caramel cook lying down. When you see it, touch it and drag across the screen to position it where you want it.

  • To adjust the size, use two fingers in page motion until it is a more realistic dimension to the setting;

5 As with any other Story, tap the button in the center of the screen to take the photo or hold it down to make a video;

Instagram dog filter Sasha Dog

6 If desired, include the editing elements such as text, filter, stickers, etc. Complete the post on Your story.


Can any user create filters on Instagram?

Sasha Dog filter creator Antonio Ruggiero, a common Instagram user. Since August 2019, social networking has allowed anyone to do and share gender effects that everyone can access.

To do this, I need to download the Spark AR Studio program, created by Facebook and available for Mac OS and Windows. Through it it is possible to create the augmented reality filters. Effects include face distortion, particle and light simulation, masks, and more.

However, before you can see your creations being used by third parties, you need to go through an approval process. To do this, you must submit it to the Spark AR Hub website.

I need to have an account and choose whether to share it on Instagram or Facebook. During this process, the filter will be available for 1 hour on the desired platform to perform proper testing and adjustment before shipping.

After submitting, I need to wait for the Facebook / Instagram team to approve the submitted content. The response period may vary from one business day to one week.

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Taysa Coelho

Journalist graduated from UFRJ, writes about technology for seven years. Carioca currently lives in Portugal, the country he adopted. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, reading, watching movies, and doing series marathon. Instagram is her favorite social network, but WhatsApp saves her from missing those who stayed in Brazil.