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Canonical Launches New Snap Store Website for its Snaps Packages

one of the program packaging formats that is gaining notoriety, space and prestige in the world


The format maintained by Canonical, the same company that maintains the Linux Ubuntu (which has versions of your operating system since to desktops at to "Internet of Things" or IoT), so some programs and games have been ported to Linux via this format as Skype, Visual studio Code, Slack, Trackania Nations Forever, OBS-Studio, VLC, Discord and many other programs.

However, to install these programs via snap, you would need to have an operating system that supported them, such as Ubuntu and yours flavors or install the snapd and thus enabling your repositories, so it can be installed in the app store of your favorite district.

You can now access these programs in a simpler and more organized way by categories, as the Canonical team has launched the Snap Store, where the installation is just a click away. To learn how to install snapd and snap support, we have this post explaining.

To better understand how it works, let's take an example: First let's choose the program, which is the example OBS-Studio.

Then we will click "Install" and then choose the installation method, whether via app store or terminal.

Canonical lana Snap Store new website for its snaps packages Then just wait for the app store to open or the installation process to finish at the terminal and your program will be installed.

If you want to install different versions like candidate; beta or edgecan also be done on the "All Versions" tab.

Canonical lana Snap Store new website for its snaps packages Tell us in the comments what you think about the new Snap Store site, if you found it easier and more intuitive to use, tell us. =)

Until next time and a big hug.

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