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Candy Crush Saga | AndroidPIT

Candy Crush Saga is a great Facebook game. In fact, it is a huge public success, based on a concept of simplicity and efficiency, which makes it capable of winning millions of players worldwide. To learn more about your smartphone version, keep reading our test app today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2Android version: 4.1.2Root: NoMods: None

App Details:

Wheel from Android: 2.2Size: approx. 6 MBOptimized for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean: Yes

Many of our readers should already know Candy Crush Saga, especially due to the impregnating publicity that this game has on Facebook every day. We must confess that quite skeptical branches are spam messages related to it, but we decided to test it anyway. The best that the game surprised us a lot.

It is a game whose main objective is to move objects on the screen, in order to compose lines of three or more objects of the same type, a fact that makes them disappear. This type of game is among the casual games, but the Candy Crush Saga offers many surprises and above all composed of 300 levels!

The score increases as the candy disappears from the screen. This is after you have moved them horizontally or vertically. The difference between Candy Crush Saga and other games of the genre is that the levels here should not be finalized until a certain pre-set time. Here everything is in terms of the number of moves made.

In all, the app has 335 levels, which bring scenarios and challenges very different from each other. The player is therefore confronted with indestructible objects that make it even more complicated to form lines in certain parts of the screen. They can be moved down.

The in-house store allows for the purchase of shortcuts to the game, but we can ensure that Candy Crush Saga is completely playable without that kind of advantage.


The Candy Crush Saga surprises the player from the beginning thanks to its elaborate graphic and its quite forceful dynamics. The game closely resembles Puzzle Bobble, but nonetheless presents particular elements to it. The large number of levels is undoubtedly a great stimulus for lovers of this game.

Screen & Controls

Candy Crush Saga has an original and very interesting design. Despite the large number of elements on the screen, everything is very clear and visible. The menus are appropriate to the game type and the controls work perfectly, which we consider of primary importance.

Speed ??& Stability

Candy Crush Saga worked without problems, whether slow or stable. That's right with all the graphic richness that the app presents. Even the reaction time to commands has always been the best.

Price / Performance Ratio

Candy Crush Saga can be downloaded for free from Google Play. As we mentioned, there is an internal app store, but all in all, the game level remains very good.