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Busy Bags | AndroidPIT

One of the frequent flyer's nightmares is certainly the moment to pick up your luggage and all the problems associated with it. Busy Bags takes this theme in a fun way. The player has to do everything to get passengers to pick up their luggage at the right time without clogging the sector. To find out what this original game is all about, we suggest you continue reading our test app today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

Busy Bags set at an airport, specifically in the baggage claim sector. Here each passenger waits for their bags with the hope that they have arrived intact at their destination. In this game, the player will be responsible for delivering the luggage, moving the passengers close to the bags before they accumulate on the conveyor belt.

The operation of the game is quite simple, but it gets complicated at each airport. Do not think that passengers are equal to each other. Keep in mind that you will have to deal with older people, who will need endless patience or then businessmen who will want to have their bags as soon as possible. Some unforeseen events are foreseen, such as treadmill blockage. At each airport, different information will be provided and it will be important for each departure.

One of the main problems of the game is that it becomes unmounted after a while, since it only has one mode. Why didn't the developers implement a multiplayer mode?


Busy Bags is a very nice game that just arrived at the Play Store. During our tests we had a lot of fun in the early hours of the game, but we have to say that at some point something was missing that would motivate us to continue playing. Nevertheless, it is not at all bad to try a game whose atmosphere is an airport.

Screen & Controls

The Busy Bags gave us a great impression in graphic terms. The app has its original style even though it is a bit childish. Even the text fits well into the app's atmosphere. As for your controls, we have to say that the zoom didn't work correctly all the time and on certain occasions, it was necessary to click on a certain character more than once to make it react to the command.

Speed ??& Stability

Busy Bags worked very well and without slowness. He did have interruptions, but this is more associated with our device than the app.

Price / Performance Ratio

Busy Bags can be downloaded for 1.79 from the Play Store: a suitable price for such a fun hobby.