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Atari announces its new Ubuntu-based console

After a long time of development Atari announced the pre-sale of its new "Retro console", the Atari VCS, learn more details now:

Atari + Ubuntu

Atari announced yesterday (Wednesday, May 30, 2018) the availability of pre-sale of its Linux-based console, the so-called "Atari VCS" has been funded through IndieGOGO, raising more than 1.5 million dollars so far. of dollars. According to the information, the company's console carries a modified version of Ubuntu (most likely 16.04 LTS), at least currently, as the release of the final version of the console is only 2019, most likely the upgrade to base 18.04 LTS will occur.

Looking at the hardware we have a curious combination: AMD + Linux.

The console will carry a Radeon R7x graphics chip Bristol Ridge APU A10 with up to 4GB DDR4 RAM and 32GB eMMC storage, also supporting SD cards and external devices such as SSDs or HDDs. In addition, at the peripheral level, it will be possible to connect devices via bluetooth and USB, such as joysticks, mice, keyboards and webcam. Anyone who wants to be able to buy Atari classic joysticks too, or buy a modern version, both sold separately for $ 30 and $ 50 each, respectively.

The console will bring over 100 classic Atari games loaded into the internal library, but players will also be able to buy more titles through the Atari VCS Store, another speculation that has partnered with Valve and GOG, both companies that own Linux games in its catalog to further expand the console's native game library.

Another interesting factor of this Atari console is that users can customize it as they wish by installing other operating systems on it including, there is also a rumor that the new ports of Atari games will be exclusive to Linux. The console will be sold in different editions, having boxes with and without controls with value starting at around $ 200.

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