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Apple to Attend Canadian Machine Learning Conference

Apple today announced that it will attend the 32nd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, or NeurIPS) event which will be held this year in the city of Montreal (Canada) next week.

During the conference, Ma will have members of her machine learning team at a booth, and announced that they are building a new team of researchers and engineers who can insert such artificial intelligence into the products and services developed by the company.

NeurIPS is considered the world's largest and most influential machine intelligence conference and machine learning conference. Therefore, Apple is likely to take the moment to showcase its technologies and advancements in these areas as well as recruiting new names for its team.

On job vacancies, the company described on another page that it is naturally looking for people with machine learning experience who know different methods related to the topic (supervised and unsupervised, generative models and time learning), as well as knowledge in computer vision and technological language.

As we have already commented, these technologies are increasingly present in products developed by Ma, such as Apple Maps and Siri, including the Smart HDR feature of the new iPhones. By the way, the new models of the gadget also present the new generation of Neural engineIts dedicated artificial intelligence chip is now capable of performing 5 trillion operations per second.

via MacRumors