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Apple outsourcers hear private conversations from Siri, according to one

Apple is the guardian of privacy of the user in communication, but in practice not even the mighty Ma passes through the lack of privacy that (almost) inherent digital life. A new report from The guardian show it well.

The British newspaper overheard an employee of a company hired by Apple to perform footage of audio clips processed by Apple. Crab short voice clips recorded by your users' assistant and sent for review to enhance your speech recognition system. From the employee's testimony, the content of these recordings is far from harmless or disposable.

According to him, outsourced employees often listen to highly private and sensitive recordings from users, such as the audio of people having sex, discussing treatments with doctors, closing confidential deals, or performing criminal acts, such as drug dealing. The frequency with which these audios are "accidentally" caught by Siri high, according to the complainant.

It is worth noting that as part of Apple's differential privacy strategy, the recordings are not accompanied by users' personal data; In addition, Ma makes clear in Siri's terms of use that some of the recordings captured by the assistant can be reviewed by humans.

The problem here, warns the employee, is that the anonymous character of these recordings is not so anonymous: in some cases, workers analyze snippets of up to 30 seconds of audio, where you can easily hear personal information from the user and profile him. In addition, Apple would not make it clear enough to its customers that Siri may have false positives in its activations so it can "wake up" and start a recording at a random moment without you calling it simply because it has captured It's an audio similar to your command.

In response to Guardian, Apple reiterated that Siri clips are always analyzed anonymously, and a random share of less than 1% of the assistant activites used daily for conferencing most voice clips is up to a few seconds long. "All analyzers have an obligation to follow Apple's strict confidentiality terms," ??the company said.

According to the official heard by the newspaper, however, the answer is not enough other malicious analysts could well use the information obtained in the clips with malicious intent against the company's users. It is quite true that the chances of this happening are slim, but still, the reminder is: absolute privacy in the digital age, a utopia even with Apple.

via AppleInsider