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Android: Zombie Invasion T-Virus

Can you get out of this building alone and alive?

Are you able to get out alive?

Zombie Invasion T-Virus is a Scape-style Android game, the scenario reminds me a lot of the REC movie, where you are trapped in a locked building and the only way is to go up the floors and find horrendous creatures and strange beings in the way, Looking for some way out.

Zombie Invasion T-Virus If you are looking for a pure zombie action game I recommend Dead Trigger or Into the Dead, because with Zombie Invasion the different game model, yes you have weapons, but I need a lot more than you want weapons, I need intelligence to solve the little ones. puzzles that are appearing through the Scenery. Not an FPS a Scape game! T-virus T-virus

I'm playing him a few days and still can't get past the fourth floor! = P

The game has the average rating of 4.3 on Google Play, download from the link below:

See you next time!

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