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Android: Cute The Rope – Time Travel

Already know the new Cut The Rope?

Time travel and eat sweets

Recently Zeptolab, the company that develops the popular (and addictive) game Cut The Rope, which is part of the list of the most addictive games for Android, made a version of the game with a very interesting theme, time travel. The adaptation mode follows the same as Rovio does with the also popular Angry Birds, the same gameplay but the outfit in the different game.

Time Travel

Cut The Rope; Time Travel

Time Travel, something like "time to travel," the new version of Cut The Rope, the free game is hitting great grades on Google Play, and so could, with even more polished graphics especially cut scenes and YouTube story integration. could be different.

The new game will take you to cut ropes and chains from medieval times, through Ancient Greece, Renaissance and other remarkable times in the history of mankind.

Download Cut The Rope: Time Travel

The free download can be downloaded directly from Google Play via the link below:

Self-esteem moment: Until the next and careful with addiction, I spent a week playing and managed to get through all ages.

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