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Access Mobile Facebook from the Browser and get another social networking experience

I discovered a fact that I found curious, it is possible to access the mobile Facebook through the browser, check it out!

Do you have the Facebook App on Android or iPhone?

This is one of those tips that are more for curiosities, first, I don't know if it's just me who didn't know it was possible to access mobile Facebook through the browser, but the discovery brought me some advantages.

See, if you type in the browser the address you will access via mobile the Facebok mobile. Be something like this: facebook movel by browser

The usage experience is pretty much the same as the Android version, including the limitations, the only advantage I've found that the lighter interface and photos load faster, by the way, the versions that appear in Google Chrome and Firefox are different.

So, one more curiosity for our list, taking advantage of the cue, if you use Intangram you might want to know how to use social networking without having to be on the Smartphone through your browser. Click here to read the article.

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