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9 Apps to free memory on iPhone

If you use your smartphone often, it may have slowed down over time due to accumulation of residual files left by old applications you have already uninstalled, along with high resource usage by certain applications.

If you want to get rid of this problem, keep reading our list of iPhone memory free apps, something that will help you get even more out of your newest iOS smartphone. If you use Android, we have a list of the best apps of the type for this other platform.

1. Phone Cleaner for Media Files

This is the first in the list of apps to free memory on iPhone, not without reason. It's great and offers a wide range of features to make your smartphone's performance very simple.

It offers, at the click of a button, the very useful function of deleting all media files, such as photos and videos, which are duplicates, freeing up a lot of storage there. If you want to see more, just follow the link.

phone cleaner for media files

2. Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage

This is another free memory app for iPhone, which is also free, but with in-app purchases. It has several settings and options, allowing the user to clean many of the useless files that are taking up space.

It allows you to delete very large video files, screenshots, very similar photos, the ability to delete all photos taken in the same place, excellent control over your contacts and much more. If interested, go to the App Store to download.

3. Umate iMyfone

This is a very useful tool that allows cached files and data to be deleted quite simply, not only increasing free storage but also improving smartphone performance.

By application, you can delete dozens of file types, compress data, control and delete applications and much more. All of this is included in the free version, with even more options in the paid version. To see more, go to the official page.

4. PhoneClean

Another of the free memory apps on iPhone is PhoneClean, which offers many capabilities to enhance your device, allowing you to delete unwanted cookies, useless and duplicate files and more.

All of this is in a very attractive and user-friendly user interface, besides being quite small and light, which is always good. With it, you can free up a lot of space you had lost. To download, go to the official website.

PhoneClean iPhone Memory Free Applications

5. Battery Saver

As much as the name does not indicate, this app also improves the performance of your iOS smartphone, as well as monitoring your battery among other things, allowing better control over its use.

It has features to check how much RAM is being used, how much internal storage is available, battery health and more. All of this is in a small, simple-to-use app that is available on the App Store.

6. Cleaner Clean Duplicate Item

Another of the best memory-free apps on your iPhone or iPad is Cleaner, an application that is completely free on the App Store, even though it offers in-app purchases. One of the best qualified.

It offers several cleaning options for your iOS smartphone, allowing the user to delete very similar screenshots and photos, very large files, clean up unnumbered contacts, better control over their contact list, file compression and battery monitoring.

All of this is in a very beautiful and simple to use interface; To download it, just go to the store.

7. Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

Another app on our list is Phone Cleaner, which offers some cool features, the best of which is the ability to remove almost all the advertisements you have in your favorite browser.

In addition, it easily deletes repeating images, allows you to manage your files in a very simplified way and can delete those that use a lot of storage. To see more about it, v App Store.

phone cleaner Apps to free memory on iPhone

8. Storage Space Plus

If none of the previous applications interested you, don't worry, as the list of the best memory-free apps on iPhone isn't over yet. This application is completely free and offers some basic functionality.

They are only able to compress all your media files, making them use less storage but still the same quality and can also delete all the photos and videos you want, all in a very nice interface. To use, follow the link.

9. Free up RAM

To do this, you have options directly on the iPhone itself, which vary according to its version. If it's an iPhone 7 or earlier device, simply click the wake-up button at the top until the power off icon appears. Then release the button and click on the home screen.

If you have iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone 11, you must first enable Assistive Touch in the settings; comes"Settings","General","Accessibility" and finally activate the function. Then click Shut Down at the bottom of the screen. A, just click on the Assistive Touch and hold the go home screen button.

And what do you think about apps for freeing memory on iPhone?

Let us know what you think of our list of tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone making it faster and tell us if we forgot any tips or your favorite apps. Be sure to also check out the best memory free programs in Windows.

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