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7 Tips That Will Make You An Android Expert

There are pros and cons to the usability of a device. However, you can always find ways to make the user experience optimized with Android. We have separated 7 useful tips that can make you a true advanced user. Check them all out in the article below.

1. Share information easily

O Pushbullet The perfect app to share links, messages and files through your smartphone. You can install the app on your Android and desktop computers, keeping everything organized and accessible in a few clicks. In addition to sharing files, Pushbullet centralizes messages from various types of applications, such as standard SMS and WhatsApp. While a simple smartphone sends emails and saves images, your device goes much further with the use of Pushbullet.

pushbullet app indication
Pushbullet makes the device even smarter. / ANDROIDPIT

Pushbullet – SMS on PC
Install on Google Play

2. Optimize the audio experience

The quality of audio offered by most reasonable mobile device manufacturers. Even when using Bluetooth speakers or headphones, the sound remains slightly weak, with poor quality and acoustic balances. An advanced user will not let this detail go blank, setting the device audio accordingly.

Many smartphones come with some kind of digital sound processor (DSP) to improve audio quality. But they often use equalizations that do not sound very natural and, of course, do not provide the user with a good experience.

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Adjust the Android audio equalizer. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>All smartphones have native audio equalizers and, in some cases, many applications provide native device solution alternatives, such as music players. How about adjusting your device's standard equalizer as best you can?</p>
<li>Is your music too sharp? Reduce the level of the most pronounced sounds by approximately 1-3kHz (1K and 2.5Hz speakers).</li>
<li>Need more beats? Turn up the 400hHz speaker (between 40-200Hz), and get bass and bass sounds. Although it is difficult to choose frequency bands, the best method for adjusting the audio is to use the headphones to listen carefully to each sound change.</li>
<li>Try to hear the same music, but alternating the frequencies of the equalizer.</li>
<h2>3. Stop bloatwares</h2>
<p>Many devices have preinstalled applications that cannot be completely uninstalled. Occasionally, some of them may even be useful, but in most cases there are third party applications that do a better job. So why keep them?</p>
<p>The expert user will surely remove all these files. Using a Sony device (images below), simply go to the app drawer and select the "uninstall" option; thus, removable apps are identified with an "x". Other manufacturers use a different method, such as disabling apps or hiding them, alternatives common to Samsung or LG models. If you are dissatisfied with these alternatives offered, consider rooting your device. Through the articles below it is possible to clarify all doubts about the root process:</p>
<figure><img alt=

If you prefer not to root, the best step is to disable unused applications to free up more memory. But beware: Check which apps will not cause problems with your device after disabling them. See which apps can be disabled on your device through the article below:

4. Make the most of voice commands

The words "Ok Google" are the beginning for a whole range of voice features that can significantly improve your Android experience. Currently, this tool relies on the internet to function properly, but Google is already developing support for offline commands.

What commands can be used in Google Now? Simple; separate the top 100 phrases that can be used through the virtual assistant of the Big g. Check out which are through the article below:

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Use voice commands on your Android. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>5. Add shortcuts to important websites on your home screen.</h2>
<p>Many mobile browsers allow you to create a shortcut on your home screen, which will direct you to your favorite website. Chrome is the best browser for adding shortcuts on your home screen, mainly because the icons are customized according to the site's logo, not just a star or flag. Many browsers add a favorite icon with generic on-screen illustrations, such as Samsung's standard browser.</p>
<figure><img alt=

6. Control data consumption faster

Nowadays, I need to control the internet package contracted for the device and often disable data traffic as the most viable option for many users. There are several apps in the Play Store that optimize this information, but you can also set a shortcut to system data settings on your home screen.

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Add a shortcut to the system data settings on your home screen. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Also, try some of these free Google Play apps to monitor your data usage:</p>
<p><span class=

Onavo Count | Data Usage
Install on Google Play

My Data Manager
Install on Google Play

Data Monitor
Install on Google Play

7. Automate all your tasks

The smartphone is already part of our lives and our daily lives. And we often have to do a thousand tasks at once, such as answering messages, checking emails, and even checking the weather forecast. There are many applications that automate functions for users, such as creating automatic responses or performing actions quickly, such as IF. Through IF it is possible to create recipes by combining the actions that should be taken automatically. For example, at 10:30, if the battery is 40% charged, lower the brightness. In addition to IF, Lasker is also a great automated for Android.

Install on Google Play

Install on Google Play

And, do you already follow any of the above tips on your Android? Which ones will you use from today?

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