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13 Technology Courses We Recommend at Udemy

For a long time we have a solid partnership with a very competent guy named Vitor Mazuco, with him we have been able to offer you several different courses, now we are working together again and who gets the opportunity to do different in professional life you, check out:

Before the list, a brief explanation. Some time ago these courses were offered directly at DioStore, but as we recently changed the store to re-sell the products you were ordering, t-shirts, mugs and everythingWe ended up leaving the course part directly tied to our partners with Udemy, so now you can take the courses we trust on a big solid platform, so Vitor's courses got there too.

Vitor has also separated some special links so you get a discount when you buy them, check out the list:

Name: Professional NMAP Hacker Course

Name: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS Full Course Link: https://www.udemy/ubuntu-server/?couponCode=UBNT1804

Name: Complete course of MongoDB! From Basic to Advanced!

Name: Complete Linux Security Course! – Any Distribution

Name: Mikrotik RouterOS complete course! From simple to advanced!

Name: PostgreSQL Complete Course! From Basic to Advanced!

Name: Complete Python DevOps Course!

Name: Learn pfSense Firewall from scratch to advanced!

Name: Python for Tico Hackers – Complete Course!

Name: Professional Hacker with Kali Linux

Name: Arduino – Complete and Practical Course

Name: Raspberry Pi – Complete and Practical Course

Name: Asterisk 13 in practice!

With the promotional prices that Professor Vitor Mazuco has put in his courses for followers of the blog Diolinux, you can buy all 13 courses for under R $ 260,00, which in many cases represents the price of one course only.

Take the opportunity, we have been working with Vitor for a long time and I recognize the quality of the material produced by him. If you need more course options, check out our dedicated page within Udemy. on here.

Good studies and until next time!

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