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★ Whoscall App Prevents Unwanted Calls

Whoscall It is a free application available for iOS and Android that allows the user to identify and block unknown numbers without having to answer the call.

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The app has a database of over 1 billion registered phone numbers. When the user receives a call, the number consulted and, if registered in this database, shows an alert (telemarketing, for example). Thus, the user can choose whether to answer or reject the call and block the unknown number.

With the end of these calls, the user gains in productivity by not having to worry about interruptions when they are focused on a task at work or when they are in the middle of an important meeting.

In addition to automatic identification, the app allows the user to block by specific categories: DDD, carriers, banks, private numbers and even avoid international calls.

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Safety and economy

Whoscall also features functions that help with security and economy. It allows, for example, any user to report that a certain unwanted or malicious number via tags. The Whoscall algorithm analyzes these tags And when the approval criteria are met, the information is shared with everyone using the app. With this, the user can have more protection against prison links, kidnapping scams and cell cloning.

The application also has a function that allows you to find out which carrier of all numbers entered in the contact book. This way, the user can check the operator of his contact before making the call, taking advantage of the operators' promos.

Download the app now and enjoy all the benefits of Whoscall!

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