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TIM launches new plan with special offer for Moto G 4G 2014

TIM decided to face the competition by announcing a new plan with good value for money. Liberty Top will offer 6GB of 4G internet, 400 minutes for other carriers, plus WhatsApp and Facebook with no data deductible discount. Check out more details in the article below.

The Liberty Top postpaid plan bets on cost / benefit to attract new customers. The package began to be made available by TIM today (07/20), and cost R $ 139 (R $ 99 for customers from Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo) for current and new customers who purchase the plan by September 30. . The original plan value of R $ 270, and the R $ 131.00 discount on the new offer does not exclude the benefits of the previous plan. Liberty Top offers 6GB 3G / 4G internet, 400 minutes for other carriers, unlimited calls between TIM customers, plus WhatsApp and Facebook with no data deductible discount. The plan can be shared with up to three chips for smartphones, tablets or modem. Check the summary of the plan through the table below:

Internet Franchise


WhatsApp (Text, Audio, Photo and Video Messaging)

Local minutes for other carriers

TIM-TIM Links (Locations)

TIM-TIM links (LD with 41)

Calls received in National Roaming within TIM network

Data Sharing

Without discounting the internet franchise

400 minutes

No minutes restriction

No minutes restriction

No minutes restriction

At 4 chips

In addition to the new plan, TIM is marketing the Motorola Moto G 4G 2014 for $ 719, without the need for loyalty through plans. The amount can be paid in up to 12 installments without interest of R $ 59.91 on the credit card. Remember that the price of the same device in the Motorola Store is $ 882.55 view, or $ 929 on the credit card. Liberty Top promotional value is valid until 12/30/2016, and may be extended if necessary. The regulation can be accessed through this link.

And, did you find TIM's new plan compatible with the other packages offered by other carriers?

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