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RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite

Voice-changing programs and apps have been popular for a long time. With RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite, you can make very fun voice changes. The app is not only aimed at children, but also at adults who want to have some fun. Which makes its simplicity even more interesting. Do you want to know more about him? So keep reading below.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: None

The good thing about smartphones is that they adapt to a myriad of utilities and can cater for both diversion and more serious user needs. RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite belongs to that first category, being a great game to have a good time having fun.

The app's main function is to change the user's voice, transforming it through filters and effects present in it. By clicking the Record button, you record your own, and you can hear it again. RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite has 24 different filters. The repertoire varies widely: from metallic or robotic voices.

In addition to the transformations made by the filters, it is still possible to modify the volume and modulation of the voice in real time, ie even during recording. All of this can be done through a diagram where the X and Y coordinates are present. There is a mode called the headset which allows voice to be changed through the headset if it is properly connected to the device.

RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite still has the classic parrot function. Of course, it is not difficult to know what she does: she repeats what the user says to the device's microphone. It is also possible to import some presets and recordings made in other apps. Recordings made on RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite can be shared on major social networks and Soundcloud.


RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite does everything it promises very effectively. We'd like to see some changes in the app in the near future: the recording quality needs to improve and less delay for headset mode. Otherwise, the app works very well.

Screen & Controls

RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite has a very functional design and a futuristic look, that is, it fits very well with the idea of ??robotics. The controls reacted satisfactorily: filters can be explored by dragging horizontally and the buttons for the main functions are all on the main screen.

Speed ??& Stability

RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite did not present any stability issues at all and we did not notice any slowdown during our tests. The only problem to really mention is the delay in headphone recording.

Price / Performance Ratio

RoboVox – Voice Changer Lite can be downloaded for free from the AndroidPIT App Center and the Google Play Store. The free version contains advertisements. Already the full version costs 0.99 or $ 2.55, which we consider reasonable for the application.