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Qualcomm declined to sell chips for iPhones XS and XR, Apple says

Hearings involving the judicial war between Apple and Qualcomm They seem to be making both companies reveal very interesting information about the nature of their business and details about the technology industry itself. Already today we are talking about the $ 1 billion payment required by Apple for Qualcomm's exclusive provision of modems for iPhones; now the CNET brought another piece of interesting information released by Apple itself.

In testimony held today U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Apple's COO, Jeff Williams, said the company intended to use Qualcomm modems on its latest iPhone models (XR, XS and XS Max), but the supplier declined to sell them to Cupertino because of the lawsuits being moved around the world between the two. companies.

As you well know, for the 2018 line Apple has made an exclusive partnership with Intel, which provides modems for all iPhone models of the year. So far, the suspicion was that the decision was Ma's own due to the legal disputes with Qualcomm; It is now known that none of this Cupertino even tried to continue with the model of having two suppliers, but Qualcomm barred any business.

Williams also revealed the price Apple paid for each Qualcomm modem while the companies were still doing business: $ 7.50 a piece, far higher than what Apple wanted to pay about $ 1.50 a piece. According to the COO, however, Apple was not in a position to bargain, since supplying its partner was crucial to the production of iPhones and there were no other options on the market at the time.

The executive's testimony may be important in determining the course of the case, considering Qualcomm's monopoly charges and targeted antitrust practices. We'll see what this will all lead to.

via The Verge